Wednesday, April 01, 2009

G20 madness

I'm about to head into the belly of the beast that's London today. Anticipated disturbances and general G20 protest merriment. I've armed myself with water, a camera, and three forms of identification including my Royal Horticultural Society membership card which seems to have a calming effect on authoritarians everywhere.

An old friend in Seattle wished me luck and reminisced about the WTO meeting when he was accidentally teargassed.

Bankers in the City (where protests are centered today) were warned not to come in suited and booted. Apparently all of London is participating in a kind of fabulous dress down April Fool's Day (We should do that every year) My own sartorial statement tries to blur the boundaries between scruffy and respectable. No change there then.

Hopefully I won't have too many colorful stories to share later on today.
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