Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The end is not the end

Faithful readers...I'm hanging up The Vol Abroad. Over the last nine months or so, I haven't been able to maintain my blogging presence here, so I'm pulling the plug.

My online footprint is too large and I'm too sloppy to maintain an anonymous blog. I'm now working on daily basis with people with a lot more Internet smarts than me who could rumble me out in a heartbeat if they wanted to (which they probably don't, but you never know)

However, being someone with a pathological need to blog, I'm setting up a new blog.

Here's its adress:

www.myfirstname + mysurnameinitial (that's all one word) .wordpress.com

There's not much there now, it takes time.

If you don't know my name...and you blog, look out for a new expat Tennessean in the blogosphere - I'll be linking soon to a blog near you.

The worst part of my self-imposed blogging hiatus has been losing touch with the Tennessee blogosphere. I'm looking forward to jumping back in.