Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The wrong kind of BBQ

pit bbq and diversification

I work in a building that sees a steady stream of politicians. And the great thing about politicos is that they're never backwards about coming forwards. So a single word exchanged in the ladies' led to "Oh, is that an American accent? Where are you from?"


"Staying long?"

"Been here 15 years so far."

"Ah, the thing I remember about Tennessee are the BBQd ribs with all that lovely sauce."

Instant reaction: bristle. Was just about to explain that that I'm from Middle (or when I'm thinking about it differently East) Tennessee and our BBQ is usually pulled pork. And ribs are really associated more with the West Tennessee BBQ tradition, when I heard the door close on her way out.

Just as well, really - wasn't sure if she was ready to hear about the socio-bbq map of the Southern US and prairie states.


Anonymous said...

She was probably going for a serving of spotted dick.

genderist said...

Oh don't even get us started on BBQ. Whenever we're in LBG we have to stop and eat some Rick's pulled pork BBQ sandwiches. You just can't get good pulled pork BBQ in OKC. It's terrible. They think brisket is BBQ, but even that isn't very good.

Another thing you can't get here at BBQ places - fried okra. They just aren't good at all.

Simon said...

"Rick's pulled pork BBQ..."

Yumm, my mouth is watering!