Sunday, February 06, 2011

Knights of the realm

Buddy is very fond indeed of his Knights and his castle. The Vol-in-Law doesn't like me calling it his dollhouse, but that's what it is. A dollhouse of few comforts and a cast of tooled up fellows with barely concealed rage.

He's behind you...

And the boy often pretends to be a knight or a king. He's a king a lot.

The other night he told me "I'll be the King, and you be a knight. And Daddy be a knight."

This sounded like a lot of standing around in mud in heavy armor in inclement weather and possibly some kind of physical danger. "I don't want to be a knight. Perhaps I could be a special advisor. Can I be a special advisor?"

"Of course, you can," he said. "You be a special advisor, after you a knight."

knight at rest


Anonymous said...

And you accused him of no sense of humor and had me worried all this time?? Don't worry your mother so.

Simon in London said...

Polly, what makes you think he's joking?

Vol Abroad said...

No - he wasn't joking - that's his style of 'man management'