Saturday, July 02, 2011

Mouse patrol

Mouse, originally uploaded by London looks.

We came home to find a wounded mouse in the corner. (Sometimes our cat doesn't finish the job - lazy!)

I pointed it out to Buddy and he goes wild. "Mommy, don't kill it. Don't kill it, Mommy!..."

OK. I had horrible visions of trying and failing to nurse the dang thing back to health.

"Mommy, don't kill it!" He said "I"m gonna kill it!"

And he did.

I really wasn't sure whether to be icked out or proud.

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Simon said...

In the old days I would scoop up the wounded mice and squeamishly dump them in the undergrowth, with a vague "Good luck mouse/Out of sght out of mind" feeling.

Obviously those days are gone; with Terminator Bill around I never see a *live* mouse anymore...