Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A rare moment of self-reflection

The media pauses for a moment and reflects on its own woman-hating self. There's whole panel of punditry reflecting on just a few incidents of the heavy misogyny we've all been treated to during this campaign. (Via TGW)

Probably too little, too late now.

I hope what comes out of all of this is an honest debate about how women, especially successful women, are treated - and that some progress is made. But I doubt that happens. I think this whole campaign season will demonstrate what happens to uppity women. Truly, bitch is the new black.


Since the Don Imus incident was mentioned (ever so briefly, since, strictly speaking it has nothing to do with this year's presidential politics), I'd like to add my two cents, too - since I didn't manage to do so at the time. I also believe that if Don Imus had just limited his comments to sexism he'd have probably gotten away with it. And I don't want to disrespect the Rutgers women's basketball team.

But I think we're forgetting who really got slighted in all that.

The Lady Vols.

Their great accomplishment got completely sidelined. They won, the National Championship, remember that? Rutgers came a mere (but respectable) second. But, of course, Pat Head Summitt has too much class to say that.

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Noble Savage said...

Great video, thanks for posting it. I do think there's an element of truth to what these female pundits were saying -- that sexist comments seem to be much more widespread and acceptable in society and mainstream media and that women as well as men are guilty of perpetuating it.