Sunday, June 01, 2008

World's biggest cocktail party on rails

Our new mayor, Boris Johnson, has banned alcoholic drinks on the Underground and the rest of the Transport for London network. Many American readers may be wondering why it was ever allowed in the first place, but drinking in public is a well established liberty in this country (unless prohibited by notice).

The ban comes into effect today, so like any good Londoner should, thousands went out last night to revel in the last moments of licentiousness. (Pictures from the BBC here).

Now, I've enjoyed a drink or two on the Underground in my day. I particularly remember one crowded journey when I took a delicious glass of fruity Pimms on the Victoria line much to the admiration and jealousy of the other commuters.

I have to admit popping a few tops on the train, too - making many a journey more endurable and my fellow passengers seem more genial.

But no more...

Now that my days of public drunkenness are largely to be set aside for the next two decades or so, I admit that I wholeheartedly support the ban. Young people these days just have no respect.

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jen said...

i admit, i support it too.

i don't in any way expect that it will make late Saturday night journeys on the Northern line any less drunken and annoying... but maybe there will be a few less beer spills.