Saturday, December 22, 2007

Missed chances

Here's the thing about growth spurts. Certain outfits are too big, still too big, too big...oops...too little.

So yesterday, I finally dragged out the real tree baby camo outfit. And dang if it wasn't just a little too small. My mom paid full price for that outfit down in Loretto, so we wedged him into anyway.

P1020241 crop

Before he was born, I had planned on a little photo shoot - putting the baby in his real tree camo in the leaves - captioning it "Where's the baby?" But he mostly sleeps during our walks in the park and I couldn't really justify dragging him out of his cosy warm blanket just for a funny picture. Though I did think about it.

He was wrapped in his new fleecy Vols blanket, before we put it on him I asked the Vol-in-Law if he thought hunter camo goes with Tennessee orange.

"I dunno," he says. "Shall we be the first to try it?"



"John Galt" said...

Camo works. No baby visible.

Furrow said...

Ah, well. I'm sure we've missed some outfit opportunities, as well. The same 8 sleepers get lots of wear, the linen dresses (in December), not so much. I'd planned to do a photo shoot of all the pretty stuff, but that's just cruel to a baby. I get maybe one or two outfits before the crying starts.

Cletus -- I mean, Buddy! -- sure looks cute in that camo.

Vol Abroad said...

Well, it's not too late to pick up one of these (they make them for girls, too - you can tell by the added lace). Furrow, if I'm not mistaken, y'all go right be the store on the way to your in-laws.

Chris in Oxford said...

Don't hunters the world over wear Tennessee orange?

Vol Abroad said...

not the same - also not the same as pickin' up trash by the side of the road orange