Monday, December 10, 2007

To boldly go

Regular readers may remember that I collect floral tributes. The curious custom of laying shaped and decorated wreaths on graves and at the crematorium. Since we go walking in the graveyard on a regular basis to cool fractious tempers (Buddy's and mine), I've been able to capture even more.

Mostly floral tributes are just flowers, a wreath, maybe a heart shaped wreath. But sometimes they're little works of art that capture something about the personality of the dearly departed.

Like this:

To boldy go where no one has ever returned from

I can certainly say I've never seen a Star Trek floral tribute so I was quite excited. I told the Vol-in-Law about it and the Superman one I'd seen the same day.

ViL: On the same grave, I suppose?
ME: Oh, yes. You don't see many like that.
ViL: I guess geeks don't die very often.
ME: Or maybe they usually don't have enough friends to actually bring floral tributes.


jen said...

i love these, they always make me laugh. what would you want for your floral tribute? (far, far in the future, of course)

Chris in Oxford said...

I wasn't entirely clear if by collect you meant grabbed and ran away or collected photos of floral tributes. I'm guessing the latter.

As a frequent cemetery walker I'm always trying to be vigilant about letting my dog, well, micturate on any of the headstones. (At this point I need to say that this is an old churchyard and none of the stones are even from the 20th century). However, as I am often now walking dog and boy I can get distracted. I'm pretty sure that pissing on someone's grave is call for a good haunting.

Vol Abroad said...

a pack of marlboro reds (sans health warning puleez) I've given up smoking now, but if there is a heaven and if I get there - I'll have a smoking room, jack daniels, a violin maybe - a rook card

Vol Abroad said...

a big orange Power T on a green field with orange and white checkerboard end zones an England strip

gosh - there's soooo much to choose from.

What would you have?