Saturday, December 01, 2007

T is for Toothbrush, T is for Tennessee

I'd rather drink muddy water, sleep in a hollow log
Drink muddy water, sleep in a hollow log
Than be down in Atlanta, treated like a dirty dog
- Jimmie Rogers

Nope. I don't care if we are treated like dirty dogs. The point is Tennessee is playing in Atlanta for the SEC Championship. Y'all might not like the way we got there, y'all might think your team should be there, y'all might not have liked the bumpy, hard, hole pocked road to Atlanta - but we made it.

Holy Cow - who'd a thunk it after those losses to Cal and Florida and that humiliating stumble down in Tuscaloosa? Goodness, come again, who'd a thunk it after those nail biting, nauseating overtimes and missed field goal triumphs against ...cough...Vanderbilt?

And if Smokey can sneak away the bone of the SEC Championship, y'all can call him a dirty dog, y'all can say we're undeserving. That'll be just fine.

IMG_0126-1This toothbrush has been on reserve for a few years. It's still in its original packaging and it sits on top of our bathroom cabinet, visible but out of reach. The Vol-in-Law occasionally asks me if it's time to open up that toothbrush. Nope, I say, not yet. Not yet. We've got to wait until the right moment.

The right moment is almost here.

He asked me this week if the Vols win in Atlanta if we can open the toothbrush. Yes, I said. If Tennessee wins, I can open the toothbrush.

Brush-a, brush-a


OK, I just want you to know, before anyone starts with any toothless hillbilly slurs that I've been using other toothbrushes. Orange, yes, but not any special Tennessee Vols toothbrush.


Chris in Oxford said...

Hey, I'm actually cheering for the Vols tonight, I like a scrappy, flea-ridden underdog. Plus, LSU is just annoying and I've always felt like there was something very un-SEC about them. Suspect! Good luck to y'all.

genderist said...

I have an orange toothbrush, too, but not one as fancy as yours! Here's hoping you'll be brushing with the Vols tonight!

(We do have some UT chapstick, unopened in its original packaging, out of reach, yet visible, in the medicine cabinet.)

Sam said...


Les Miles did you wrong. He dropped the Mother of All Football Bombs: He renewed his contract just before game time and got his bayou mouth-breathers all pumped up. In spite of that, your Volunteers acquitted themselves very well. That pick was most unfortunate, no doubt, but the predictions of Tennessee's decline are most premature.

All the same, the toothbrush may just have to sit on the shelf one more year.

Vol Abroad said...

thanks for the spoiler alert - but I actually WATCHED the game - and yeah, it was ok - I'm disappointed, but I'm not cussin' this morning