Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm melting

I think I'm going soft. We finally got a little bit of warmth and I'm reacting like I've got the vapors or something. I'm thinking about cotton dresses and wearing "city shorts"* to work.

For years, I've scoffed at the Brits when they complained about the heat when the mercury rose above 75 and I was still wearing a cotton sweater. I've lived through Tennessee summers without the benefit of air conditioning. Now that was hot.

But now I'm feeling the heat a bit. It was 82 in house this morning at 5am.

* I would never, ever do that.

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genderist said...

I was in Ohio this past weekend... and on average the days were about 20 degrees cooler than they had been in OKC. I froze the entire time... I never thought I'd be glad to come back to the heat in OKC.