Saturday, July 26, 2008

You had twenty years, and this is what you come up with

I sort of fancied the idea of being a class officer when I was in high school. Until we got to Senior year, that is. Because I could see how the future would unfold. You get elected, there's no power, no pay, not much privilege but no real responsibility - for now. But as a Senior class officer you are forever and ever responsible for organising class reunions. It's a millstone that hangs round your neck for the rest of your life.

I didn't want that.

And I understand burden weighed especially heavy this year, apparently. It was difficult to find the time to organise and the committee only met in early July to agree a date. Which to me would have necessitated a date somewhat far into the future, like December. You know, so people could plan and stuff and maybe make travel arrangements and so forth.

But the date they agreed is in early September. This year.

I'm pissed.

I didn't go to my tenth reunion, but for over a year I've actually been looking forward to going to my 20th high school reunion.

And now there's no way I can go, I only found out the date this week. Yesterday, in fact.

Had I known - say in early May, I almost certainly could have arranged my work schedule to go. I probably could have arranged airline tickets at a reasonable price. And so on... but I've got project deadlines and speaking engagements all around this time. Work people asked me to go events ages before I got the invite (actually I haven't had one officially) for my 20th high school reunion.

And I hate traveling too much to go just for a weekend (especially with a one year old baby).

I'm really pissed off.

On the bright side, I have an extra ten years to lose weight and make my life a success.


Nicole said...


I'm sorry!

Mine is also this year. They decided to have ours in October and I wasn't going to go because I want to do the marathon in Dublin- but I have been so rubbish with my training.

I have a weird compulsion to go...

genderist said...

Gag. That really sucks.