Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Lame update

Well, the election is almost over - so now I can start blogging politics again. I didn't really want to blog against Obama, but as you know - I had no enthusiasm for him and was disgusted by the sexism in the primary. I hope he wins. I think he's the better choice. But I just couldn't vote for him.

Phil Fulmer is going. I feel a bit blah about that. I guess it was becoming inevitable.

Stop Phil Fulmer
Stop Phil Fulmer

I have a nasty cold. I feel like crap. I put on a Columbo DVD and slept the afternoon away.

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A Free Man said...

I'll kind of miss Phat Phil because I fear you guys are going to end up with some punk like Urban Meyer. Say what you will about the Phil, but at least he was classy.