Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The measure of things

My granddad was pretty indulgent to his grandchildren on the whole, but not when it came to retracting tape measures. He said that he'd never seen one in the hands of a kid that didn't get torn up.

Unfortunately, his pronouncement only made already very attractive tape measures practically magnetic to me.

Right now, Buddy's tearing up a tape measure - and I'm just letting him.


Anonymous said...

Where are your comments on the world? I miss them? VolMom

Bangkok Expat Mama said...

Oh! I'm so delighted to see a comment from the VolMom; that means that everything must be generally satisfactory over there. I've checked regularly but the zero comments and no posts made the "Marlin, Nemo's neurotic dad clownfish" in me worried that something had horrible had happened. Much the way people worried that a grim fate had prevented me from blogging back when I let mine wane -- when actually I had just become busier, lazy about blogging, and suddenly more intent on maintaining privacy. This reader definitely misses your wise and witty pronouncements and anecdotes. Best wishes to you in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Not even the end of the Bush era brings a comment? Surely it is something to celebrate?! I miss your comments. Vol Mom

A Free Man said...

Hey Vol, missing your presence and wry wit on the interwebs. Come back!


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