Thursday, November 13, 2008

Where I've been

Last Friday I had laparoscopic surgery. I've been in pain of varying degrees basically since I went into labor over 17 months ago. Turns out my pain was probably due to a dermoid ovarian cyst that was stuck in an awkward position due to adhesions which were a result of the c-section. So a variety of complaints. I'm now down one ovary, but apparently it was in pretty bad shape. But on the plus side, my other ovary is now freed up - it was also stuck in awkward position from the adhesions - and was probably also causing me pain.

It's too early to see if the surgery worked as I'm still in pain from having my insides mixed up and being puffed up full of gas to give the surgeons room to do the keyhole surgery.

I had considered spending the weekend in the hospital to avoid the rigors of toddler care while recovering. But I discharged myself in a hurry on Friday evening when the hospital staff tried to move me from a private room to a four bed bay. Most of the people in that hospital I wouldn't care to share a taxi with, so I'm not sure why they were so surprised when I decided to leave instead of taking my chances with random strangers and their even more random visitors.

I've been spending the week watching crime shows and Maury DNA test specials while doing needlepoint.


Anonymous said...

Hey Vol,

I'm always popping by to read your posts and wanted to wish you a successful and speedy recovery.


Noble Savage said...

I bet you're kind of glad you're short an ovary when you see those Maury DNA specials. ;)

Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

I had a D & C earlier this year. I am a very health conscience person. I would suggest giving your body a cleanse to rid yourself of all the anesthesia and pain meds you have been given. I recommend Dr.Natura. This product can be found at I suggest that you do the 3 month round. I do the cleanse twice yearly. I find that every time I do it I lose at least 15lbs.

I had a fibroid tumor on my uterus. I have found that organic sugar and forgoing caffeine is something you might want to consider. I would also recommend no white bread, rice or potatoes.

Monique Docherty

genderist said...

We'd been wondering how your recovery was going... so glad you've found a way to keep yourself busy and distracted while you heal.

Dana said...

Sorry to hear about that. It seems an awful lot of my friends have had that sort of "female trouble" lately. Hope you feel better quickly and have some Gas-X (the only thing that helped me with the stomach-full-of-gas I had with my gallbladder removal.)