Thursday, November 29, 2007

Welcome to the lame family

Today my husband said "Buddy*, I'm sorry we've brought you into such a lame family."

And what prompted such an apology? Well, we've spent the whole day - both of us - looking for a very important piece of paper. Which we did not find.

What we did find:

  • 8 year old adoption papers for our dead cat, which list her as male proving those surprise kittens really weren't our fault
  • 3 year adoption papers for our live cat
  • the first ultrasounds of our baby which we lost before we could show anyone
  • the plans to our dream home, which is a little less dreamy than the last time I saw it
  • the lyrics to Rocky Top and Family Tradition and You Never Even Called Me by My Name that I handed out like hymn sheets at party I once threw.
  • receipts from every time we've ordered pizza (wtf?)
  • Instructions for our long dead, long-gone washer dryer
  • Countless warranty registration certificates - partially completed
  • a freedom of Budapest card
  • a photocopy of a friend's passport that he entrusted to us for safekeeping

Click thru for an even bigger picture of our ex-dream home


*Yep, we often call him Buddy. Tis but one little redneck step up from Cletus, I guess.

UPDATE: we found it - it was our marriage certificate! I'm not pointing fingers, but I found it in area that someone else said he'd gone through with a fine toothed comb

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genderist said...

At least it wasn't Bubba.