Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bad to the bone

I'm lucky I'm not sporting a black eye. Buddy has discovered badness. Badness in the form of hitting. Hitting and throwing things. He threw the remote control with astonishing force at the bridge of my nose. A couple of days ago. And it still hurts. He just laughed and laughed.

Laughing little boy

On the other side of the coin, he's also discovered helpfulness. He likes to throw things away. We now give him things to put in the trash, and he's so pleased with himself when the lid of the bin slams down. We gave him a plate to set on the table for dinner tonight, with some assistance he managed to get it to the right place. One of the the phrases he's learned at nursery is "Tidy-up time." He says it "taahda uh ta" and makes a valiant attempt at wiping down if you hand him a paper towel. Of course, sometimes he gets a little carried away and pitches out something useful, like his milk bottle.


A Free Man said...

Zach's favorite game right now is putting money in his piggy bank. Problem is if you stop giving him coins he throws a major strop. Greedy little bastard.

Anonymous said...

Just you wait. That little fellow is a corker and you've got a lot of interesting times coming. Be glad for national health insurance. You wouldn't want a little namby-pamby anyway. VolMom