Thursday, October 30, 2008

Toothless Buddy.

Poor old Buddy is nearly 17 months old and he still only has four and half teeth. But now his gums appear to be swollen in the molar area and it looks like he maybe, just maybe, he might be adding to his dental tally.

Never a good sleeper, he's been having some rough nights recently, which, alas, means we're having some rough nights, too.

But not tonight. At least not for me. Tonight I'm spending my first night away from him as I have to travel on business. I had been dreading be away from him, but after several nights of nearly hourly night wakenings I'm quite looking forward to sleeping in the hotel.

I just hope it's a comfy bed in a quiet corner and there are no early am fire alarms.

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A Free Man said...

I will direct Sinead to this post. Z's nearly 14 months and has no teeth. She's beginning to think he's a freak. I guess it's possible that both our sons our freaks, but I can't believe that.

You've GOT to be pulling for the Dawgs this weekend. Tell me you are.