Thursday, October 09, 2008

Not a man of letters

Routine, they say, is the key to getting baby off to bed. So we decided to have a new routine, including the story time that's always recommended as part of the settling down process.

After four nights of non-stop, manic screaming through Frog and Toad All Year, we skipped the fifth story and had a relatively peaceful send-off. We only persisted the four nights because the Frog and Toad stories are just so good that we were enjoying them even above the outraged wails.

I've attempted time and again to read stories to Buddy, usually he just wanders off or tries to take command of the book, flipping pages emphatically and erratically. This bed time story business is a big old fail.

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Anonymous said...

My doctor keeps encouraging me to read to my baby (15 months) but she is having none of it either. I just think she's way to young - she doesn't understand half the words, so all she knows is that mommy keeps talking while she wants to play.