Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just not good enough

OK, we've been through some losing seasons in football, and you know, that's life. I'd say I don't mind but, of course, I do.

But what I really can't stand is not to be a threat. Even in a bad year, I'd like other teams to worry about Tennessee. While I'm sure Georgia didn't take a win against Tennessee for granted yesterday, it seemed like it was more than you never do that rather than a real worry that the Vols would reach deep down and pull out a whoop-ass (like last year).

Something's gotta give.

Season's not looking so good
Disgruntled Young Vol


Sam said...

What chaps my hiney is that the Vols couldn't even cover the spread.

girl from the south said...

You should mail a copy of this to Fulmer. He's causing young and old throughout the world to cry.

That's the cutest track suit ever. Vol Baby gear is absolutely adorable.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, is it that this good ole boy is allergic to Big Orange?

Mari said...

He is so cute!