Friday, February 13, 2009

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated

Ok, where have I been? Same place as usual. And frankly, I've been blogging and micro-blogging like a demon. But it's all been about work. Work, work, work.

All work and no play makes Vol a dull girl.

But there are just some things that I can't blog about at work. Cause it's not relevant. Or 'cause, you know, it might get me fired. So maybe I'll blog about them here.

Like, for example, today I showed pictures of my garden to a suspected terrorist.

Oh yes, you read it right. But this co-worker and suspected terrorist is very into gardening and you know I can't resist showing off my flowers.

And don't worry, this suspected terrorist isn't from the current lot of Islamist terrorists, and isn't even as romantically wrong as a former suspected IRA terrorist (with whom London must be packed). This person is one of those Weather Underground types. And this person was acquitted, and what can I say against the verdict of twelve good and true English men and women?

But let me just say I was showing this person my flowers, I felt a stirring sympathy for the position of Barack Obama vis-a-vis his relationship with Bill Ayers. You can find yourself sitting next to someone like that for a very long time and only discover later how they spent their youth. It makes me sick. But what can I do? Times are tough. Jobs are hard to come by. I like to talk about flowers.

I'm not saying Barack Obama didn't know about Bill Ayers. I definitely didn't know about this person before. But now I do.

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Brian said...

Whatever helps you sleep at night.