Friday, February 22, 2008

Busy Mom time lag

I like that Busy Mom blog. I do. But I got to get Busy Mom on the time lag now - and for the stupidest reason. She has American Idol spoilers on her blog.

I try to stay away from the reality tv show lark. It's not snobbery. I mean - it can't be considering that I have an addiction to DNA testing talk shows.

It's the commitment. I am a reality tv show commitment-phobe.

I just can't be signing up for regular viewings of can't-miss-tv. If I miss an episode of Maury Povich originally run in 2003, well - it's not that big of a deal. But miss a key installment of a reality tv contest and then I feel somehow incomplete. I know I'm a bitch for the tv, but it's true.

I thought I could watch the audition phase of American Idol and not get hooked. I've watched audition phases before and walked away. But they were in deep re-run. The overall winner had already been selected. The shows I'm watching now are probably only three days or so behind the US show.

Dang. My life is lame now.


Chris in Oxford said...

Fellow sucked in lame-o signing in. I was pissed that I missed last week's episodes while fannying about in "real" reality in Sweden. I have to stay away from most US entertainment websites to avoid spoilers.

Anonymous said...

Hey, turn that TV off and get that camera out. I need to see new pictures of the baby every day -- especially during tax season. I can just look at that face (or whatever) and feel better. I look at the old ones over and over. I need new pics. Please. VolMom