Monday, February 11, 2008

It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood

Walking around the neighbourhood yesterday,

we saw that the denture plate store had changed its window display

open wide


bridge to nowhere

Which is a step up from what it used to be...,

but not as good as has been in the past

(What are these people thinking?)

We also saw an unusual estate agent's board in front of a house. Seems like everyone's getting excited about the US elections.

vacancy arising

Then we went to the local park so that Buddy could swing. And we saw this in the park:

abused tree and the junkyard dog

I was told by the Head of Parks in a borough where I used to work that this is the sign of someone training up their dogs to be mean. We've seen a big increase in the number of pit bulls or staffordshire bull terriers or whatever (junkyard dog looking bruisers) recently. They're on the streets and they're looking mean. I know that there has been some discussion of breed bans in my home state of Tennessee and there are some vocal opponents. But dang it, these dogs scare me. They could have my Buddy out of his stroller and dead or damaged in seconds. There used to be dog licenses in this country. I think maybe it's time to investigate a return of the dog license - perhaps just for built up areas or just for certain breeds.

Won't someone think of the children and the trees?


We went back today to the same park. And we did see a big scary dog. But we also saw this.



London's air ambulance landing in the park. It was kinda cool and kinda scary. We were well close enough to get hit by the dust blown up by the blade. Buddy just stared at it until it was a dot in the sky after it took off again.

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jen said...

BWAhahahaha! I love that you keep up with the denture displays! :D

Figures, the weather gets good, just as i'm on holiday.

Re: pit bulls/staffies... it really is the owners, not the dogs, that need licenses. As an example, I recently read that most of Michael Vick's fighting dogs are being rehabbed, and some are being adopted out. One is even a therapy dog now!