Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Casting one's pearls

Has anybody ever got a job from sending out a speculative resume/CV?


Dana said...

Well, I sent in a resume for a job and ended up getting hired in another department at the station. Does that help?

I recently got a HUGE bite from a CareerBuilder listing I'd done about 8 months ago. Even if those job sites seem to spam you ridiculously, it worked for me. Don't know if y'all have an English equivalent.

Sinead said...

Both my jobs in the US and my job in the UK weren't advertised. I just looked up places which I thought were doing work I would be interested in and sent them my CV and a blurb about why I thought I could do a good job working for them. So definitely give it a go!

St. Caffeine said...

Gee, Vol, when I saw the headline I thought maybe it was a commentary on last night's UT vs. Vandy basketball game.

Now that I think about, asking about a resume/CV fits with it being a message to Coach. You know sports fans can have short memories when one loses to the in-state rival.

Vol Abroad said...

ha, ha st caf! I'm still thrilled that he even took them that far.

(And I have a kinda secret thing on the side for Vandy men's b-ball - don't tell anyone!)