Monday, February 11, 2008


Buddy has been going through some kind of growth spurt or he's teething or an upset tummy or some combination of the above or all three.

I haven't been getting much sleep. Not much at all. He's comfort nursing much of the night. That is over the weekend he was waking say every 20 minutes to half an hour for most of the night. And when he finally did get to sleep (long about four of five) for a good couple of hours, I couldn't sleep, because I kept waiting for him to wake up again. It was so painful to be jolted awake again just as I was going off that I was nervous of falling asleep.

Buddy's heavier now, too. And his weight and his constant nursing have given me some kind of weird tennis elbow from where he lays in the crook of my arm. What with the no sleep and lugging him about, I'm tired and sore all over. Dang.

My husband has had disturbed sleep these past few nights, it's true. But I haven't slept through the night for about - oh, four months now and even on the bad nights where sometimes he'll help, I still deal with Buddy more, simply because I'm nursing.

Anyway, tonight the Vol-in-Law says to me, apparently in all seriousness: I don't think you understand how tired I am.

Yeah, he's probably right. It's been a long time since I've been that tired. I wish I could go back to mere exhaustion instead of long term sleep deprivation.


Sinead said...

I think I need to make sure Chris reads this post. Although Zach has never slept through the night, he has reverted from sleeping in 4-6 hour blocks to waking every 1-2 hours. I think it is a comfort thing, so I have been refusing to feed him and just try to get him to go back to sleep...problem with that approach is that he cries and Chris solution to that is to kick me out of bed to feed him and then complain how tired he is the next day. I don't actually remember when I last had a good 8 hours sleep. I hope Buddy improves soon.

KathyF said...

I read that headline as "Bored" and then wondered why you thought growth spurts and upset tummies were boring.

Sorry, guess you'd rather be bored.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear Buddy is unhappy. Teething is a b----h. He is a heavy little kid.And strong. And squirmy

Ah ... the exhaustion of parenthood. Neither you nor VolBro slept thru the night until you were past one. I remember one night - the one night when VolBro did sleep thru the night before he was one. VolMom and I thought he had died.

The good news is that he will get his teeth. The bad news is that he will bite you.

Thirty years later you will look back on all this and give Buddy and his partner reminiscences and bad advice. By then Buddy Jr or Buddyette will have their own blogs


Nicole said...

Ugh- I'm sorry. . .

Is there anyway you can leave him with VIL and go get a massage -and maybe sleep through the whole thing?

Know it won't solve the no sleep thing- but it might be a well deserved treat. . .

Your dad's comment about biting made me giggle-

Chris in Oxford said...

Um, I would just like to speak up for fathers of infants except I can't come up with a good argument in our favor. Wait, how about this: we need our sleep for all the hunting and gathering we do. Huh? Huh?

Vol-in-Law said...

We need our sleep so we can go to work and not get fired?