Monday, November 19, 2007

Coals to Newcastle

Apparently there's a writer's strike in America. The only way I can tell, is that we no longer get our daily dose of the Daily Show. It will be months before it bites here, since series are lagged by quite a bit.

Unlike the last writer's strike, we now have a host of reality tv formats to fill the viewing hours. NewsComa has some great ideas for more.

And I have another idea.

Since America has given the British many, many, many hours of American talk shows (Jerry, Maury, Ricki, Phil, Montel, Sally and Oprah are on each day) - I think it's only fair that y'all should get to watch back-to-back reruns of Trisha and the Jeremy Kyle show. It ought to strip the anglophiles among you of any notion of British culture and aplomb.


Newscoma said...

I am so utterly jealous of DNA testing every day.


andrea said...

It will only be good if we can send the US the episodes from the late 90s, since that is when the episodes of Sally and Ricki are from that they show here. It is high quality tv!

Vol Abroad said...

Jeremy's show is only 2 years old, so sadly that means the US would have to miss out on his "straight talking"

I sometimes watch the old Sallys and think "Y'all don't know about 9/11 or Bush or taking off your shoes to get through airport security" How the world turns.

Speaking of As The World Turns - don't know if that's still on, but Days of Our Lives is now on Brit TV. I haven't watched it because it used to be a major addiction for me.

Dana said...

But see, we actually LIKE horrid British shows. After all, there are people here who willingly watch Jordan and her hubby's show when there are hundreds of channels in alternatives.

I'm an Anglophile who has no illusions of Brit gentility. After all, I read NOTW.

Anonymous said...

Well, they are copies of Springer, and they are on between nine and twelve in the morning. Most people who have got anything about them are out of the house. It's not prime time telly, and you know we laugh at it. Why pretend otherwise?

Anonymous said...

'Since America has given the British many, many, many hours of American talk shows (Jerry, Maury, Ricki, Phil, Montel, Sally and Oprah are on each day)'

Yes they are, but on freeview (like cable) not standard transmission. Misinformation? Easy, isn't it?

Vol Abroad said...

Anonymous, calm down. It's not that big a deal. No one in America thinks that British free to air network tv is merely hour after hour of American talk shows. There's no intent to deceive. I'm watching them because I'm on maternity leave and they're actually ideal programming for watching while breastfeeding.

It's not like folks in the US take these things seriously either. Or did you think that Springer represents the height of American culture? Folks on both sides of the Atlantic know these shows for what they are.

I love trash tv and I am not ashamed!