Thursday, November 08, 2007


One of the blogs I read regularly is Girl from the South. I don't see eye to eye with her on every issue. Adrienne hates feminists. Adrienne hates the left. Adrienne hates Crocs. Hey, one out of three ain't bad.

But Adrienne's a hypocrite. She's now the proud owner of a pair of Crocs. But they're orange and emblazoned with a Power T. What's not to like? Well, except they're crocs.


Until about a year ago I could read Adrienne's blog and her croc-hating posts and just snicker and sneer. Crocs hadn't yet crossed the pond. But now they have - and the foam footwear have taken the country by storm.

When I was in the hospital with my three day, failing-to-progess-labor, many of the obstetrical staff were wearing Crocs. How could I trust their medical decision making skills when clearly they couldn't choose decent shoes?

And yesterday, I saw a woman in the full black burqa and face covering niqab in the local grocery store. She was a big woman, tall and probably pretty bulky, too. She filled the aisles with her presence and her eery black garb. And she was wearing Crocs - in black, of course.

And I thought of you, Adrienne.
Photo of crocs from Flickr user mstephens7 under creative commons license. Great image, crap shoes.


girl from the south said...

Hey, I don't hate feminists. I just strongly disagree with them. As for liberals, about 98% of my coworkers and large majority of my friends fall into that category. I actually enjoy being around them.

I do despise Crocs though. You got that right.

egalia said...

For the first time in my life I have truly comfortable shoes, but they are hated?

Oh well. I dislike leather. Differences, what would we do without them?

Glad to hear you don't hate me, just my shoes, girl from the south.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

That is funny! Now I know where to go for my fashion advise whilst in London.
But then, I remember when thongs were flip-flops... and both would have been better than crocs.