Thursday, November 15, 2007

Very dull, don't bother

I have a funny little thing in my Flickr account. It's a widget that generates a set of my least interesting photos. Why bother? Well, I thought it would be interesting to see what Flickr's algorithm decided were my most dull photos*.

2005-10-02 003
This picture was taken on a bike ride in the New Forest. I agree that the photo is dull and a little washed out.

Rotation of 2006-04-19 002
This was some kind of miracle foot cream that I bought in Florence, Italy. It cost a fortune in a chi chi pharmacy. But it turned my cracked, dry and painful tourist feet into something almost normal within 36 hours. It's probably made of Chinese dissident belly fat.

corn bread for dressing
Last year's cornbread for Thanksgiving cornbread dressing.

Copy (2) of Picture 191
Houston Alred and Miss Alexis on New Year's Eve at a tiny wee bar in San Francisco. Celebrations with my friends Q-Vol and Vol K. Apparently Miss Alexis was later fired for reasons unknown. How could that be uninteresting?

2005-08-27 walk 130
A local burger bar where terror arrests were made in the weeks following 7/7.

If you'da seen how high my husband jumped when we saw this snake, you wouldn't think it was so uninteresting.

Power T Lawn
My fantasy faux lawn.

Picture 140
My friend Q Vol and I wandered around this essentially deserted play area on a wet December day in Oakland, California.

Condiments in my local caf

OK, maybe they're not exactly prize winning shots, but they represent some interesting moments in my life.

* The set is automatically generated, so you may get a different batch of dull shots.


Sam said...

Crucial question...cornbread...yellow cornmeal or white cornmeal? Another crucial question...sugar or no sugar?

Vol Abroad said...
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Vol Abroad said...

Yellow, but not by choice. White cornmeal that's not as fine as dust is hard to come by here.

I do two staple cornbreads. One has no sugar and the other is a corn light bread that is loaded with sugar.

These will have been made without sugar and with yellow cornmeal.

Furrow said...

Dumb widget. When I clicked I saw some of the cutest ickle pics of Cletus. How could that be dull?

Sam said...

I didn't know there was such a thing as sweet yellow cornbread until I went to grade school, where that's all they have. All my people are from Lamar County, Alabama, and I remember asking my granny when I was a little feller why she didn't make yellow cornbread. She just chuckled, spit a dip of snuff from between her fingers, and said "Dewey, if I wanted to bake a cake, I'd bake a cake." I mean, you can't make a bowl of cornbread and buttermilk with sweet bread for gosh sakes!

Frank Strovel III said...

"Chinese dissident belly fat..."