Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Smart as a whip

No matter what Cletus does, my parents put it down to his intelligence.

Alert and active. Because he's soooo smart.

Waking in the night: Because he's sooo smart.

Throwing fits from apparent cabin fever: Because he's sooo smart.

Watching tv like a couch munchkin: Because he's sooo smart.

Later on in life, they may be saying the same thing. Disruptive in class? He must be bored, because...well, you know.

Who knows if he's a smart baby or not. But here's some new evidence that says there may be a reason why he's sooooo smart. Katie Allison Granju has more on the link between breastfeeding and IQ.


Chris in Oxford said...

The breastfeeding study isn't so black and white. But I'm sure your boy is bright. By his grandparents standards mine would be a friggin' genius.

Vol Abroad said...

Yeah, we picked up on those (being bright and for me at least, breastfed). But being mostly a Brit (that's largely my ethnic background, too), we figure old Cletus is likely to be one of the 90% of Brits who carry this gene.

Also I was curious about the duration - no mention of that. Is two weeks enough? Six months? I'd guess that if there is a clear link then you probably don't have to bf for very long to get the benefit - just judging from the attrition rates I see on my baby discussion forums.

And yes - grandparents are not good judges of grandbaby IQ.

Vol Abroad said...

Oh yeah, of course my baby's smart - he's a Vol ain't he?