Saturday, February 21, 2009


I blogged this almost a year ago.

I need some career advice. I'm bored with mine.

I'm looking for something that:

* starts late
* finishes early
* sparks my creativity
* allows me to expound (love to expound)
* exposes me to a significant degree of adulation
* has lots of new technology toys
* allows me to dress flamboyantly

I know the job for Wizard of Oz has already been filled, so if anyone has any thoughts on anything else.


So far I haven't managed to get anything that starts late and finishes early, I've been working like a demon. Has it paid off yet? We'll see. I'm getting some adulation. I'm the number two _________ in the field of ____________.

The flamboyant dressing hasn't really worked out, but I could probably afford to take a few more fashion risks these days.

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