Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tractor in the sun

Tractor in the sun, originally uploaded by London looks.

I'm not sure what it's like elsewhere, but in London day care providers have you over a barrel. Places are hard to come by and expensive. Very, very expensive. We were not altogether satisfied with our day care provider but attempts to get in to a great nursery practically on our doorstep have failed (we've been on the waiting list for over two years) We turned down another more expensive but better place, because we felt intimidated by the nursery staff. Very bad chemistry and too far away and an unpleasant long walk to get there.

Key to our dissatisfaction was not enough activity. Buddy has to be run and run, lest he turn his hand to destruction. He's good enough when given something constructive to do, but too often he came home with all too much pent up energy.

A recent change in personnel seems to have turned things around. And here's some evidence of activity - a painting he did at nursery.

I know that the tractor stencil is probably an indication that it is a collaborative work. But since Buddy's named for my grandfather who sold tractors for many years I quite like it anyway. And my granddad would have been most pleased that it's a tractor in an appealing Ford blue.


jpeeps said...

Glad you're back.

A Free Man said...

My husky dog used to have to be run and run or he would reap destruction all over the neighborhood. It never occurred to me that I had to take the same approach to child rearing.