Friday, January 11, 2008

And now I ask you...

OK, do you like the new look? The Vol-in-Law hates it. He's offered some constructive and un-constructive criticism. He says I should go on my baby discussion forums and say:

"DH says my blog looks like cr@p. Tell me it doesn't, support only please." (You have to spell crap like that because the discussion forum has naughty word filters.)

I don't have a lot of time to wrangle with HTML or CSS, but I can always go back to an earlier version.


How do you feel about the Princes in the Tower. I mean did Richard III do it, or did he do it? VolMom passed along a book which exonerates Richard. I haven't finished the book, but I'm pretty unconvinced.


Tortillas: Corn or flour?
Popcorn: Butter or plain?
Peanut butter: Crunchy or smooth?


Newscoma said...

I actually like it.


Anonymous said...

Finish the book before you make a decision.

Anonymous said...

PS I like the more liberal use of orange in the old format. It seemed warmer. But I have a new much brighter monitor and it may just be that. VolMom

andrea said...


And the new look is good!

Jim said...

it needs more black and gold. ;)

Sam said...


I like the old version much better.

Dana said...

I like the new version, but orange on white is a bit harder to read.

"John Galt" said...

I really like the new colour scheme. Just enough orange to be "in your face" but not too overpowering.

The white background is very readable...unlike the webloggers who insist on black backgrounds.


KathyF said...

If he did it, it was only to save the crown. Edward's sons shouldn't have inherited the throne because Edward himself was a bastard.

Unfortunately, Richard still managed to lose his rightfully inherited throne by losing his head to Henry Vii, and thus inflicting Henry VIII on the world.

You just need to make your second column more narrow so that the text is easier to read. Studies show that there is an optimum line width for ease of reading. I have gotten to where I won't read websites that have wide text. Like Lance Mannion's blog. He's a great writer, but it makes my eyes hurt to read his stuff.

Tortillas: homemade only, flour, but corn has its uses
Popcorn: God no! to butter
Peanut butter: Smooth!

Vol Abroad said...

I've narrowed the main column - good tip Kathy. I've tried to soften the background color, too - have it a bit warmer. Still going to mess around with the shading a tad...we'll see.

jen said...

i like it. it's a bit more refined looking, and easier on the eyes, but still orange enough to stand out.

my 2p.

Nicole said...

Blog- I like it ok- Although I think I like the last one more.

Richard wacked the Princes in the Tower with the rope. Wait. We're not playing Cluedo.