Thursday, January 03, 2008

down home taste

Mmm, SunDrop

I didn't actually give him SunDrop, I mean do you know what's in that stuff?

What's in this stuff?


Anonymous said...

Whoa, is that a Tennessee baby, or what? What have I done? Grandmother

Dana said...

Now that's bringing a baby up right! In fact, I'm quite jealous of him at the moment. I mean, he gets dual citizenship and gets to live in the UK and thus benefit culturally with better radio and TV shows and real Cadbury and Mars bars, but he also gets SunDrop. When he's a rebellious teenager who wants to be anywhere but there, I'll gladly take his place.

Vol Abroad said...

benefit culturally with better radio and TV shows

humphhh....not so sure about that... and how much he'll benefit I don't know - since I mostly watch old Columbos and Law and Order and talk shows.

Radio 4 is awesome, but the one and only C&W station in the UK went bust - so as they say here - swings and roundabouts.

real Cadbury and Mars bars

blecchhhh - Brit chocolate - passable at best. But I'll bring you some next time I come over if you think so much of it.

andrea said...

I totally agree with you Vol! I have to say that if I want our kids to watch shows like 'My Fake Baby' or episodes of Sally Jessie Raphael from 1989 then the UK rocks. Otherwise? Law and Order and Friends it is!

And while my husband and I disagree on chocolate I am more on your side, I miss American chocolate, and he hates it!

And where did you find Sundrop?

Dana said...

See I'm the weirdo who uses programs of questionable legality to watch ITV1 live. I was absolutely addicted to "I'm A Celebrity", and if Graham Lineham creates a new show, I'm hooked. I'm also a footy fan. Thus the jealousy.

And if you bring Cadbury Double Deckers and real Mars bars (the UK version is so much better than the US) I'd be ridiculously happy.

Vol Abroad said...

Andrea - my dad shipped me the Sundrop at ridiculous expense. It was a Christmas present.

Dana - I'm rubbish about remembering stuff like that until I'm on the plane, but I'll try.