Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Why him?

Both the Vol-in-Law and I reacted a little more strongly to the death of Heath Ledger than we would have thought. It's not like we were big fans. It's not like we even go to the movies. But it did seem a little shocking.

The Vol-in-Law said "He seemed so full of life, and yet that Shane McGowan just goes on and on and on."

"Why couldn't it have been Amy Winehouse or somebody like that?"


Noble Savage said...

Well said, Vol-in-Law. Somebody needs to put Amy Crackhouse and Pete Doherty in a room together and leave them there until they bludgeon each other to death in a drug-deprived mania.

Shame about Ledger though.

Anonymous said...

Children, children. Do you really think there is a finite amount of evil in the universe, so that to save one person grief it must be visted on another? That is adding to the grief in the world. Wish the tortured ones the best, maybe they will recover and grow up.

VolMom (almost sixty-one and still an optimist)

Chris in Oxford said...

I'm with you on Red Ken, but is Bozzer really a viable option? I mean, I really like the guy but that's largely for his colorful personality - can he run London?

Nicole said...

I know what you mean. It always upsets me when someone who is so terribly talented takes a wrong turn. I've heard that he was having problems sleeping- wonder if it was accidental. . .

My reaction reminds me of when River Phoenix died. . . I'm so not a star fuc**r. . . but it upsets me when talent is pissed out the window.