Thursday, January 17, 2008

Keep on rockin in the free world

Yesterday I got my paper notice about the Global Primary. (If this link doesn't work, don't worry - more info below). Since Buddy is eating paper these days, I wanted to get it on the bulletin board and out of his way. But of course, I forgot and left it dangerously close to the changing area.

Me: Hand me that voting thingy.
Vol-in-Law: Voting thingy?
Me: Yeah, that paper there.
ViL: Oh, your voting thingy. (Extra derisive tone where you see italics).
Me: Yeah, you know the vote the directs activities in the free world.

Living abroad? Want to vote in the primary? Check out the Democrats Abroad site.
Need to register to vote? Check out -


KathyF said...

Good to hear you received yours. I helped to put that thing together, an exercise in groupthink that almost drove me bonkers.

You saw how few words are on it--you won't believe how many words were exchanged for, against and agnostic on each and every one of them.

Vol Abroad said...

well, y'all did a great job! It's attractive and clear.

...and yes, I would believe the effort and argument per word!!!