Sunday, January 20, 2008

Buddy guest blogs

Hey Coach Pearl


Are there any vacancies on your staff? Or is more formal attire required.

Or maybe with my skills, I should be applying to Coach Fulmer:


I'll do anything:


I'll be the mascot

bill and the smokey hat

-Big Orange Buddy

Out for lunch today I overheard a father at the next table say to his toddler son "How would you like to wear a track suit like that?"

He said it like it would be some kind of joke or punishment or something.

You could tell it just slipped out. You could tell that he was thinking "Did I just say that, like that, out loud? I know they heard me."

And I'm thinking - "Hey, we're just at the next table. We heard you."

And then he says to us "That's a really nice track suit."

Errrm....thanks. Fact is, you don't see an outfit like that in South West London every day.


Debbie said...

They don't know the Tennessee Volunteers and their faithful fans, do they? I think the track suit is cute.

Thank you for your comments, prayers, etc. for my husband, Tommy. He's doing great and we should be going home tomorrow, Monday. He's laying in the hospital bed with his University of Tennessee t-shirt and some jogging pants on. Always the Tennessee fan.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Chris in Oxford said...

Zach got a similar one in red and black for Christmas that I can not wait to break out. The English have no right making judgements about fashion however as the average man over here spends way too much time in ill fitting soccer or rugby tops, depending on social class.

Furrow said...

I'll have to watch that. I find that my inner dialogue and baby talk sometimes get mixed up, too. Luckily (I guess), we hardly ever go out in public.

Was he wearing the dog head over his face at the time? Because that would attract attention.

Vol Abroad said...

Well, the baby wasn't wearing the Smokey head, but my husband was...hadn't thought of it as a particular attention grabber. That must have been it.

Actually, we do wear the dog head - Buddy thinks it's so funny. And, I guess it is.

genderist said...

You should really check out
A new Bruce Pearl fight song! I think they're playing it at the halftime of the boys games... my cousin is in the band. Good times.

They need to wear orange track suits, too. Buddy would fit right in! Just think -- he could clap!!

How fun. I'll draw up a contract and email it to you. :)