Friday, January 11, 2008


Nicole -another South London American expat blogger - wants to go to her 20th high school reunion this year.

I do, too.

I mean - not to hers. That would be weird. Plus, I bet her reunion is in Vegas and I've kinda sworn I'd never pay to go there again.

No, I want to go to mine. Mine should be sometime this year, too. My 20th high school reunion. Holy moly.

I gotta lose weight and make up a convincing, yet over-the-top tissue of lies and half-truths about my glamorous London lifestyle. And get a haircut.


Nicole said...

This is terrible- but I think the living in London thing gives us a little bit of extra cool.

Didn't realise you were 1988 too!

Sam said...

Are you kidding? Tell 'em you live in London. Nothing trumps that!

Nichole said...

Yup, living in London definitely trumps pretty much everything else.