Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hurray for Hillary

I've already stated that my preferred candidate in the Democratic primaries is Hillary Clinton. But I'm not bashing anyone else in the race, because we've got a bigger, more important race coming in the Autumn.

However, with yesterday's election results I was quite happy to say Ha ha

Not to the other Democratic candidates, certainly not to any of their supporters. But to the media who gleefully predicted Hillary Clinton's demise in this "fight of her political life."

New Hampshire is just a small Northeastern state, not a deathmatch. But even so, I'm glad she won.


Anonymous said...

You state my thoughts exactly. VolMOM

Chris in Oxford said...

The reason I think I'm such a politics junkie is that it's a lot like college football. It inflames passions, regional rivalries and on any given game day, anyone can win. One good thing, as a fan of political theater, is at least the Democratic nomination is going to be a good game!