Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bionic woman

I've been seeing a lot of promos for the Bionic Woman series. The main character - the Bionic woman says "I'm a bartender and a dropout...." blah, blah, blah. And then she turns bionic and then she's off on missions for some kind of secret government agency.

So, and you have to love the power of the Internet for this - I say to my husband. "Do you really want a dropout to be running secret missions for the government? I bet the original bionic woman wasn't a bartender and a dropout."

And he says "Probably not."

And I say "So what was she?"

And he says "I don't know."

And I say "Well, you're the one with a laptop on your lap. Google it." And he did . And you know, you gotta love the power of the internet. How did we look up useless trivia like that back in the day?

And it turns out the original bionic woman was a tennis pro. A tennis pro? How's that much better suited for the secret action spy missioning thing than a bartender?


Do go read the Bionic Woman summary on wikipedia. If that's all true, then that was one stupid show. But I think I watched it whenever I could. I certainly dimly remember discussing the bionic woman on the playground and running with a chook-chook-chook-chook-chook-chook sound in exaggerated slow-mo.


Tennis pro is a stupid job to be going into being a secret agent, but that was the cover in I Spy. Now that's a show I'd love to see in rerun on British cable. Along with Matlock.


KathyF said...

The reason she got bionized was she was Steve Austin's girlfriend. Wasn't she?

Anonymous said...

Don't think the bionic woman had cynorg relations with the million $ man. Seems I remember that she receive more for her role and Lee Majors was irritasted.

For a far more realistic relationship problem, see "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex", Larry Niven's tale of why superman sex isn't exactly supre (English spelling)

Vol Abroad said...

Yes, she was Steve Austin's girlfriend. But a quirk of her bionics (dang govt procurement) meant that pursuing an emotional relationship with Steve caused disruption to her functions - i.e. sex with Steve gave her a big old headache.

Apparently, in a made for tv movie they overcome that problem.