Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Blogging block

OK, so I'm having a bit of a blogging block. When blocked, use lists. These are things I could have blogged about:

  • I'm really hoping that Hillary Clinton does well today. But I'm not staying up for the returns.
  • Buddy sounds like he's got a smoker's cough. Which is ridiculous, because he doesn't really have the manual dexterity to use a lighter yet.
  • The British government is talking about having mandatory public/voluntary service before becoming a citizen. Not sure what I think about that - mandatory voluntary service. I think all public policy should pass an oxymoron test. On the other hand, I've actually done the public service that I need to qualify and I just did it out civic duty.
  • Gary Gygax, of D&D fame, is dead.
  • Margaret Hodge, Minister of Culture (that's the job I'd want!) said that the Proms - a great British institution - weren't actually embracing a wide enough section of British life or some such rubbish. Hello! It's the one big public event where people actually seem proud to be British. I guess that's the problem for people like her. Maybe the Labour government should work on being proud to be British themselves before making citizenship even more onerous.
From the last night of the proms:

Land of Hope and Glory

Rule Britannia

And though not as overtly patriotic - you gotta love the fantasia of British sea songs, too.

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Chris in Oxford said...

I would have gone for the Gygax thing. But I am a geek. I used to go to conferences in Lake Geneva. If I had known that the D&D dude lived there, I may have been one of those people "dropping by the family home" for a game.