Thursday, March 13, 2008

Homeowner pesky problems

I really can't tell this story to give enough credit to exactly how annoying it was... so you'll just have to imagine... and then make it at least two times worse than that.

...says Genderist

We have a similar situation. In our bathroom. We've suffered in the semi-gloom for a long time, as two of our three sockets have the screwy-part remnants of cheap lightbulbs permanently (?) stuck in them.

And while the last lightbulb still shines, it flickers ominously. And it was from the same cheap, substandard lot as the other disintegrating lightbulbs.

With lightbulbs, as with most things, you get what you pay for.


Missybw said...

Hint from Heloise - To remove a bulb that has shattered in the socket, cut a small potato in half and jam the raw end up in the broken remains of the bulb, twist and viola, broken bulb removed.

Yes, that's what I've seen and heard recommended many times and when this happened to my basement fixture I tried it and it actually worked. So maybe Heloise is actually doing more than eating bonbons and watching her soaps. Who knew?

Vol Abroad said...

thanks! getting tips like that is but one of the many reasons I love blogging.

genderist said...

Yeah, when I relived the story to Mom she mentioned the potato thing, too. Why is it that you don't learn the die-hard tricks until after you've already reinvented the wheel?

I think you should get the ViL to use the potato trick and document how well it works. :)

Vol Abroad said...

I intend to.