Monday, March 10, 2008

For one week only

I've been thinking about jobs I'd like to have, for one week only

  • black jack dealer in Tunica
  • personal assistant to Suggs
  • golf pro (this is one for which I'm totally, totally unqualified as I've only ever played two rounds of golf in my life - both badly)
  • host/presenter of goofy Saturday night variety show
  • policy advisor to the President on matters of...well, it doesn't really matter - I just want to walk a piece of paper around the West Wing in an officious manner
  • any job where I get to wear country-music-star style Western wear for a week (tassels and spurs, tassels and spurs)
  • exhibit judge at Chelsea Flower Show
How 'bout you?


genderist said...

The Hater would like to be President of the US for one week- he thinks he could get out of Iraq and go through the UN to get a PKO ASAP.

(while he's at it, he would also like to know if UFOs are real and who killed JFK)

I would like to be a professional acronym writer for one week. I think I could pump out some real WRSJs.

genderist said...

And Iran. He wants to talk to Iran, too.

He's going to have a busy week.