Monday, March 10, 2008

Sealing wax and bits of string and some duct tape

Did you know my blog comes up fourth on Google if you look for this information:

how to build Arc de Triomphe using styrofoam and cardboard

Wow, the internet is amazing. But believe me, I have no idea.

I don't know how to build the Arc de Triomphe out of balsa wood or modelling clay either. But give me some flour, newspaper, some cardboard and paint and I could probably make something resembling the Parisian landmark out of paper mache.

Really. I'm pretty good with paper mache. That's probably something you didn't know.


Anonymous said...

Check it now (March 10 2008-1245 GMT)
It's now Number One!!!

Vol Abroad said...

Oh dear, it occurred to me that someone who was searching on that might have a project due pronto. Yikes. I will say this - if you want to make an arc de triumphe out of paper mache or papier mache - then you need at least a week to do so. You probably only need to work on it for about an hour a day though.