Friday, March 28, 2008

Vol Repatriated?

Will the Vol Abroad be a Vol Repatriated? Lately with the low dollar, the real estate market supposedly in crisis and London house prices remaining steady I've fantasised a little bit about taking our London equity and throwing it at the Tennessee housing market. The Vol-in-Law and I have independently spent time looking at Nashville (him) and Knoxville (me) home searches. The other day I found the perfect house (though not in my perfect neighborhood) and I imagined my new life in every room.

Problem is, we'd need jobs, you know to keep eating and stuff. And my career has been built into kind of a niche thing that doesn't really exist in the US. And his job isn't exactly one of those things that you can find on every street corner either.

And when the ViL came home today telling me someone he came in contact with through his work had died, probably from complications of tuberculosis. I was like - we have to get out of here. (I have a bit of a TB phobia and once left a job because I thought my miniscule exposure risk was entirely too high).

I'm seriously thinking about setting up a PayPal repatriation fund. How much do you think the Brits would pay to get rid of me?


Dana said...

I think residency should be a tit-for-tat thing -- when a Brit leaves, an American gets their place. Thus, my fellow Anglophiliac friend and I should get to pay your way back to the States and we can take over your place there.

It would work out perfectly, because we would single-handedly keep the local pubs in business, and you and Buddy could hang out with my sister and her 5-month-old and drink Sun-Drop together. I'll even offer you my one-bedroom apartment in Huntsville as a bonus! It's so small that VIL won't feel homesick because it looks like a London flat.

See, wouldn't it be perfect? And you think I'm joking here...

Nicole said...

Do all expats at a certain point return back home?


genderist said...

(we certainly hope so)

~lifedramatic~ said...

You really have a point with he low dollar vs the euro, and if the London housing market is holding up, you could practically steal a place here.

That pesky work thing always comes around and bites us though doesn't it??

Good Luck!!


PS - I love reading your blog!

Vol Abroad said...

Dana, I'd be happy to give you my spot. You deserve it. Though one thing for sure, your anglophilia would no doubt take a knock. Familiarity can breed contempt.