Monday, August 18, 2008

At the Olympic village

I've been wondering if there's a clash between the running, swimming, jumping athletes and the Olympians who participate in sports where you could, conceivably, drink a beer while you're waiting for your turn. You know, like air rifle.

Are the air rifle athletes in the Olympic village saying things like "Pass me another doughnut," or "Hey, if you're going to the store, pick me up some Marlboros."

While the running guys and gals are all "my tendons are killing..." or "I'm cramping from lactic acid build-up," are the shooting ones saying "My trigger finger sure is itchy."


Anonymous said...

Just because you took hunting safety in high school....that really was a turning point in your life, wasn't it? VolMom

Sam said...

Actually, one of the doping expulsions was in the air pistol competition. The copetitor had taken propranolol to reduce the natural trembling of holding a pistol steady. Weird.

Vol Abroad said...

Oh yeah, that's some good stuff. I took some of that when I was having performance anxiety in public speaking. Doesn't reduce the nerves, but it makes you look less nervous and you get less nervous about being nervous. I could see how someone with an itchy trigger finger would want to use that.