Sunday, August 24, 2008

Overheard at the playground

You know that sensation of a couple year's past - Overheard in New York and the various copycat sites from other cities? Pretty funny. They should have an "overheard on the playground" blog. (Who's they? I don't know - the ubiquitous Internet "they", I guess.)

Despite being all out in public, there are actually some pretty unguarded, intimate, revealing exchanges out on the playground.

Yesterday an adorable little girl with an adorable outfit complete with adorable little sunhat was in the swing next to Buddy. Mom was pushing. Grandma was doting.

Mom: I'm going to sit down now.
Grandma: And Grandma will push, because Mummy isn't very good at pushing.


A Free Man said...

Grandmas rock. Nothing like having your failings pointed out in a wonderfully passive aggressive way.

Vol Abroad said...

She wasn't even a bad pusher! Buddy wouldn't have liked it, because he likes to be pushed hard - but Grandmas wasn't pushing hard enough either.