Monday, August 18, 2008

dream time

Last night I dreamed I crashed a wedding. And although I was dressed appropriately (a flowy floral chiffon thingy), I found it difficult to grab a pew. They were all weird two and a half seaters. I sat with one guy just for a moment, though I promised to move when his friends showed up. But he ended up being the one moving.

And then guess who sat next to me?

Peter Falk. Yeah, Columbo. And he was even wearing his wrinkled rain coat. Wow!

I was so excited. I told him what a huge fan I was. And then I told him, that sometimes the only way I could go to sleep was to put on a Columbo...then I'd be out like a light.

Even in my dream that didn't go down well.


Anonymous said...

At least you weren't joined by Jerry Springer or one of the other trash TV stars you favor. Your admiring VolMom

Sam said...

I went to a little college in Portland and we would go to spring break in San Francisco. The first celebrity I ever saw in my life was Peter Falk. My girfriend and I were sitting 2 feet away from him in some Italian restaurant one night at dinner. He couldn't have been lovlier. He was sitting by himself and chatted very amiably with us. I hope we was just as nice in the dream.

Vol Abroad said...

He was! Though he was a bit taken aback by the falling asleep comment. But he handled it very well.