Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mad princes and weird science

Prince Charles thinks that GM crops are going to destroy everything. Apparently.

In an interview with The Telegraph he....

... expressed the fear that food would run out because of the damage being wreaked on the earth's soil by scientists' research.

He accused firms of conducting a "gigantic experiment I think with nature and the whole of humanity which has gone seriously wrong".

"Why else are we facing all these challenges, climate change and everything?".

Yes, indeed, why else?

I mean I'm not a scientist or anything (well, not a practicing scientist) but I'm pretty sure that there's not a gigantic experiment with the whole of humanity and all the earth that's causing climate change and reducing everything to some kind of radiating rubble.

But, if it's somehow escaped my notice and it's true, I'm betting Dick Cheney's behind it.


A Free Man said...

I'm breaking my solemn oath that I made when inducted and I'm sure that Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins are on their way over with baseball bats, but the Prince of Wales is right!

Wait, someone's at the door...

Vol Abroad said...

You're wrong. Baseball bat? Don't think so. Cricket bat...maybe rounders.

Not to worry though, I don't think Hawking can get up much of a swing with that bat. However, his motorized wheel chair might be able to pick up some momentum.