Friday, August 22, 2008

You see them on the streets of Paris and London

I had to go back to the hospital to get the old breast cyst thing checked out - a routine follow up sort of thing. I had packed a mystery novel and a sudoku book and I was looking forward to a relaxing wait. But they saw me right away, almost right away. I did one work email and then they called me through. It was forty minutes from leaving my door to getting back to my door. (I do live across the street from the hospital).

But before I actually got to see the doctor, they led me to a cubicle and asked me to change into one of their hospital dressing gowns. I hate that. I'm a pretty quick undresser, so I don't much see the point of donning one of those of things. They're ugly and they don't do much for modesty. And there isn't much choice. There's the blue diamondy pattern or the blue diamondy pattern. Though this time there was a striking graphic print in shades of yellow.


Oh, and look what it says...


Hospital use only.

Does that really need to be said?


Noble Savage said...

That's the same fetching gown they made me put on to move from the delivery suite to my postnatal room. I suppose it was a good idea since I was buck naked but that thing was foul.

Anonymous said...

We had reason to go the Emergency Room (US hospital) After the usual interminable wait in the WAITING room, we were placed in a curtain defined cubicle to wait some more.

Part of the furniture - round seats with wheels - protected by signs that read "Rolling Stools for Doctors Only"

And here I had thought even lowly patients should be allowed to kick the shit around too.

The Anonymous Vol-Papi

Anonymous said...

so which one did you end up putting on?

Anonymous said...

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