Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The medals table

The Vol-in-Law, who does not watch much sports, was watching the Olympics this morning. "We've won another medal," he reported.

The British are, apparently, delighted with their medals haul. "We've been doing well," he says. "Now how will we match this performance in 2012?" he wonders.

We. We. We. We.

It occurs to me that he includes me in this we. Like I'm thrilled that Britain's doing well.

Nope. I have to tell him, that though it's true I support the England football team - I don't give a stuff about the Team GB - the ridiculous name for the British Olympic athletes.

It's USA all the way for me, baby. Every medal scored by any other country is just one less medal than we deserve.


jen said...

the Olympics is the only time i'm even the slightest bit nationalistic.

however i've noticed how the US media has been tweaking the medals table so that instead of listing them in order of most gold medals (which puts China on top, and the way the IOC views it), they've been listing it by most total medals (which puts the US on top). cheeky!

Sinead said...

In Australia they have a per capita medal table which puts us WAY in front. You have to wonder how countries like Moldova do it?